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province near kabul. a spokesman says karzai issued the order because afghans working along the troops are accused of torturing and abusing other afghans. u.s. officials appear to have been caught off-guard by the order. he say they take the allegations seriously and will launch an investigation. the jury is still out on hollywood's favorite movies of 2012, but we know which ones the critics love to hate. the razzies announced last night. we'll tell what you was recognized as lousy. we'll see how long this ooh kfc. hey, you're supposed to wait for everybody.
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just a few hours we get to find out which movies actors, and actresses hollywood loved this year. in the meantime here is a look at some of the ones that didn't quite make the grade. the twit lie saga breaking dawn part two won the razzie last night for the year's worst pictu pictu picture. the film earned seven including worst actress for kristin stewart and worst supporting actor for taylor lautner. also adam sandler for worst actor in "that's my boy" and singer rihanna won worst supporting actress for her role in "battleship." she survived cancer, experienced the great depression, and even seen the telegram become e-mail, and today a northern virginia woman celebrated a new milestone.
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♪ happy birthday to you >> big round of applause for calla mae and today she's 105 years young. they celebrated at union station and it was built in 1908, the same year she was born. she grew up in west virginia and lives with family in west church. her secret is just getting along with everyone. that's how she does it. and she says she eats whatever she wants, too. >> she's nice and spunky. we had a story on her on the morning show this morning as well, and she is a fireball. >> she looks fantastic. >> oh, yeah. >> amazing. >> she laughed the whole way through the piece. >> she's got a lot of personality. >> and happy birthday. >> nice day out there for her. >> outdoor recess weather on a sunday. kids from 5 to 15 to 105, everybody enjoyed the sunshine
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on your sunday. we waited for it and we earned it after our cloudy saturday. i hope you had a chance to do a little bit of this. get on out on the curlicue slide and take a few laps around the playground. beautiful day outside today. all around the area. most of the sunshine was from the potomac river southbound. you did need your jackets though. that northwesterly wind has been a big part of our sunday afternoon, and it's still going here early on our sunday evening. what a great day to be outside on the butterflies and the go carts and all kinds of fun stuff. clear skies, 42 still at national airport. it's not that cold just yet but the wind is still up. northwest wind at 24 miles per hour and the northwest winds have been in the 15 to 25-mile-an-hour range most of the afternoon. they will settle down now that the sun is down so that will help just a bit. 42 in town. 36 degrees in rockville, maryland. 38 in annapolis. 50 in southern maryland and mid-40s across much of central
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virginia. colder up across northern maryland where hagerstown is only in the mid-30s. tomorrow clear and cold. sub freezing temperatures areawide first thing tomorrow morning. but another day filled with sunshine. we'll warm up nicely, near 40 degrees before noontime tomorrow. not much going on around our radar, but there are light snow showers across parts of central pennsylvania. they will fade away now that the sun is gone as well. blizzard warnings are back across parts of oklahoma, kansas, texas, and colorado. this is the second blizzard in less than a week. and that's the energy in the storm system that's coming our way for tuesday. so we'll need to be ready for that. clear and cold overnight tonight. be ready for a bundle up factor first thing tomorrow morning. 20s and low 30s to get your monday started. high pressure still in charge for another day. so plenty of sunshine tomorrow. no problems. some high clouds coming in late in the day. by tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m., clouds rushing back in and a little chance of some precipitation as well, and with the cold air wedged into the
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shenandoah valley and up against the front of the blue ridge, may have a chance for a little ice or snow first thing tuesday morning up through about lunchtime. eventually the warm air will win and change all of that over to rain. we will have to watch out western maryland, shenandoah valley westbound for a grans chf iciness. tomorrow temperatures 25 to 30 3 2 but a nice afternoon coming.uw 50s. high clouds coming in tomorrow evening. evening temperatures upper 30s and low 40s. here is your seven-day forecast then. a nice one coming up on monday. tuesday though watching out for a chance of some iciness primarily i-81, blue ridge area westbound and then you can see a rainy day coming up tuesday afternoon into evening. a little break wednesday afternoon. more shower chances thursday and then turning rather cold as we head for the first weekend of march. but tuesday is the time frame to watch. about sunrise to about
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midmorning to somewhere along there changing to all-rain eventually but we will be keeping a close eye on tuesday. >> okay. forewarned. >> coming up in sports, the cavs loving the home co
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all eyes are on danica patrick today at the daytona 500. >> and they should be. she had a great start to the week and she was looking to carry that over, but unfortunately came up just a little bit short. >> not quite. >> the great american race went on today as scheduled despite the horrific crash that took place yesterday in the nationwide series. one of the best aspects of the daytona 500 is any driver can win it no matter the pole position or resume. today it was a veteran that stole the show and the checkered flag in jimmie johnson. danica patrick though, she made plenty of history today. first woman ever to start from the pole. lap 32, and we've already got some trouble. kyle busch gets into it with kasey kahne. juan pablo montoya gets caught up in the race as well as tony stewart and kevin harvick. plenty of damage on that one.
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let's skip ahead to lap 90. and more history from danica. she becomes the first woman in the history of the daytona 500 to lead lapse. s she led five laps. in the final lap it was jimmie johnson out in front trying to hold off a late push from dale earnhardt jr. johnson wins his second career daytona 500. danica patrick finishes in eighth. >> it was a solid day for the go daddy car and the go daddy crew. they did a nice job in the pits. we stayed basically in the top ten all day long, so can't really complain about that. i was -- it was nice. i was calm most of the time but it was fun when it got a little exciting. the eighth place finish for danica patrick was the best finish for a woman in the history of the race. on the hard wood now the madness of march is almost here in college basketball. plenty of teams trying to get
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off that bubble. the cavaliers are one of them. the cavs continue to make their case for the big dance again georgia tech. yahoo nation on their feet. cavs looking for their 16th straight home win. early onuv a up one. check out the huge dunk by justin anderson. 11 points in the game for the montrose christian product. cavs led by 12 at the half. second half now, running away with this one. up 20 and it's mike missing the jumper but mitchell, he's there for the put back slam. game high 18 points for mitchell. virginia cruises and wins it 82-54. some young acc fans ready for maryland and duke. second half action. terps down 12. alyssa thomas with a great pass down to hawkins. terps within ten but the blue devils, they were just too much down the stretch. alexis jones sinks the three-pointer. 15 points for her.
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duke up by 13. then with time winding down off the miss, elizabeth williams gets the board and the bucket. duke, they beat maryland 73-59 and clinch the acc regular season championship. to the smith center, gw hosting saint bonaventure. skip ahead to the second half. gw up by five. tara booker comes away with the steal. she'll pass away to megan knight for the lay in. ten points for knight. colonials up by seven. later on gw up 48-42. booker for three. she buries it. she had 11 points. gw, they hold on for the victory, 57-52. overover on the links tiger woods and rory mack i wicilroy early exit but the match went on. today the semi-finals and the
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championship match took place. the final match-up featured matt kutcher and last year's champion. don't think you will see this at congressional. a caddie having to clear some tumble weed off the course today. i hate it when this happens. sixth hole kutcher 2 up. his tee shot is a thing of beauty. it rolls right next to the cup, and kutcher would birdie the hole to go three up in the match. b followed up by this birdie on 11 to win that hole. mayhan will get to as close as one down after 16. but kutcher too strong from the sand. his second shot on 17 and not much -- you can't get much better than that. mayhahn would later concede the hole and kutcher is match play champ. he moves up to second place in the fedexcup standings. for your score from florida,
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spring training baseball, the gnats and marlins went ten innings and finished tied 2-2. >> good workout for them. >> yes. >> all right, jason. we're watching things coming up on tuesday. >> we have a beautiful day full of sunshine tomorrow, if i can spit it out, and then on tuesday most of the iciness trouble will be west of the d.c. metro, but i-81 into the mountains could be a different story. >> okay. thanks, guys. that's the news for now. we'll be back here for news4 at 11:00. have a great
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a day after a
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. injured more than two dozen spectators. jim ji johnson won today's race while danica patrick chalked up a first for the sport. it was yesterday's crash that was on everybody's mind. janet shamliyan has more. >> reporter: there was no shopping the daytona 500. it went on as planned a a after a p nightmarish crash on the same track. 28 fans were hurt, 12 admitted to local hospitals. some were seated 40 rows up when a car on the last lap of a race crashed into the fence and split apart sending chunks of metal and a tire high into the grandstands. >> we were really shook up. i mean, just because we thought this really happened, and we were, you know, so close. >> reporter: heather came back tore today's 500, but was glad her seats weren't too close. officials promised a careful review. >> i think the key is we sit down and review everything in terms of what happened. >> reporter: the fence
6:52 pm
separating the track from the crowd is 22 feet high, but some questions are whether it's high enough and are the grand stands too close. it's always been part of nascar's culture. >> fans want to be close to the action at daytona, and if you were to walk by the fence here, you'll feel it. your hair will literally be sucked sideways because you're so close to the action. that's what fans want. >> reporter: it was 12 years ago that seven-time champ dale earnhardt died in an accident on the last lap of the daytona 500. his death prompted a safety overhaul for both drivers and fans. >> they do the best they can for the drivers and fans, of course, but when i come to these races, i do feel very safe as a fan. >> reporter: the other headline of the day, the historic poll position start for danika patrick who also led a lap in a nascar race. >> it's like only the only girl in a guy's sport spshgs she's holding her own, so it kind of
6:53 pm
gives hope for other girls to, like, do what they can and push for their dreams. >> reporter: her own dreams weren't fulfilled here. an eighth place finish for a young woman who says she's just getting started. >> jimie johnson's win was his second. michael waltrip who drove a car number 26 in honor of the 26 sandy hook victims finished 22nd. lester. >> thank you. when "nbc nightly news" continues on this sunday, new tensions between the u.s. and afghanistan. less for us. more for you. nexi um, the purple pill,
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the president of afghanistan ordered all u.s. special operation forces to leave an embattled area of that country within two weeks because of torture and other allegations against afghans working with the americans. the area is the province not far from kabul. for more we turn to pentagon correspondent jim miklaciewski. >> this order today shocked u.s. defense and military officials. they were taken totally by surprise. military officials also have strongly denied u.s. commandos condone or in any way took part in kidnapping, torture, or murders of afghan civilians or suspects. president karzai has occasionally in the past taken the u.s. military to task and, in part, to show the afghan people that he is in charge, but this province is a taliban stronghold, one of the hottest combat areas in afghanistan, so if karzai is playing politics here, it's an extremely
6:57 pm
dangerous game. now, president obama has already announced that 34,000 american troops, half the total american -- from afghanistan by the end of this year, but if u.s. forces are prevent from executing their mission, you may start to hear calls from washington to bring home all american forces sooner than planned. lester. >> thank you. up next here tonight, the pope and his last sunday appearance. but we can still help you see your big picture. with the fidelity guided portfolio summary, you choose which accounts to track and use fidelity's analytics to spot trends, gain insights, and figure out what you want to do next. all in one place. i'm meredith stoddard and i helped create the fidelity guided portfolio summary. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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this was a bittersweet day at the vatican as pope benedict
6:59 pm
xvi made his final sunday appearance and the church faced new allegations of wrong doing. nbc's ann thompson is at the vatican for us tonight. ann, good evening. >> good evening, lester. people packed st. peters square today to say good-bye to pope benedict. he told the crowd that by retiring he was not abandoning the church, but, rather, that god had called him to a life of more prayer and meditation. the crowd, in turn, in song and with signs and in many different languages said thank you to the 85-year-old pontiff. as that was happening, there were new charges. there were charges being brought against a scottish cardinal, one of the men that will vote for the new pope, three priests and one young priest accused him of inappropriate behavior. lester. >> ann thompson in rome tonight. thank you. that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. i'll see you short loy dateline. brian williams will er

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